SIDE ROLLERS are not always required - therefore they are optional. If there are no forces causing spool migration to the side, then SIDE ROLLERS are not needed.

Applications where  SIDE ROLLERS  are recommended:

  • When the ROLL-A-REEL® unit is not level.
  • If de-spooling causes side forces (pulling the payout to the side).

SIDE ROLLERS are sold in pairs.

If not purchased at the original sale, SIDE ROLLERS may be obtained through repair parts (at the same price).

Two pair of SIDE ROLLERS are recommended for a Style 'C' ROLL-A-REEL®.

Each 'SR' kit contains:


  • (2) Angle Washers
  • (2) Lock Washers 
  • (2) 1/2" - 13 Nuts

All ROLL-A-REEL® chassis are pre-drilled for (4) 1/2" clearance holes floor mounting and (6) 1/2" clearance holes for SIDE ROLLERS.

"Roll-A-Reel" units are built to last... just as they were in 1945.  We use the same durable components, and they are all stocked for immediate delivery.  Occasionally your Roll-A-Reel may become damaged, and it is reassuring to know we stock replacement parts.

ROLLERS these are designed to help the reel roll on and off the  Roll-A-REEL® chassis. 

Roll-A-Reel®  Side Roller Option & Replacement Parts 

Proudly Made in the USA!

​Since 1945

BEARINGS  these are designed to help the axles spin freely and effortlessly on the Roll-A-REEL® chassis. 

***                    for immediate assistance with OEM Roll-A-Reel Replacement Parts.***

America's Original and Most Efficient Device for "Pay-Out" and "Take-Up" of Anything on Reels

CLIPS__WASHERS__NUTS__BOLTS these are designed to help make your Roll-A-REEL® function just the same as the day you purchased it. 

ROLLER AXLES  these are designed to support the roller and allow them to have an axle to spin on. These axles are key part in the proper function of the Roll-A-REEL®