Three Styles - 'A', 'B', and 'C' all are of similar sturdy design using laser cutting and robot welding construction.

'EZ' Load and Unload - 15° Ramp.

Simple Adjustment - No tools required - Just lift 'Finger Tabs'.

America's Original and Most Efficient Device for "Pay-Out" and "Take-Up" of Anything on Reels

Optional Side Rollers - A must when your Roll-A-Reel® is not level. 

Positive Roller Pin Lock - Spring Loaded.

Roll-A-Reel® ... Saves Time Safely ... In the Plant ... At the Site ... In the Truck

*OEM Replacement Parts inventoried for immediate delivery"

Proudly Made in the USA!

Since 1945

Roll-A-Reel® Since 1945 these platforms make reel handling a one man operation. One average man can load a 3000 lb. reel.

No Axels - No Stands - No Fork Lift.