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SIDE ROLLERS are not always required - therefore they are optional. If there are no forces causing spool migration to the side, then SIDE ROLLERS are not needed.

Applications where  SIDE ROLLERS  are recommended:

  • When the ROLL-A-REEL® unit is not level.
  • If de-spooling causes side forces (pulling the payout to the side).

SIDE ROLLERS are sold in pairs.

If not purchased at the original sale, SIDE ROLLERS may be obtained through repair parts (at the same price).

Two pair of SIDE ROLLERS are recommended for a Style 'C' ROLL-A-REEL®.

Each 'SR' kit contains:


  • (2) Angle Washers
  • (2) Lock Washers 
  • (2) 1/2" - 13 Nuts

All ROLL-A-REEL® chassis are pre-drilled for (4) 1/2" clearance holes floor mounting and (6) 1/2" clearance holes for SIDE ROLLERS